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The Best Water feature for Your Pool (and Why You Need Them)

Burleigh Pool waterfall feature

The best transformation a swimming pool could ever have is the addition of water features. Aside from increasing the functionality of your pool, it can also enhance its aesthetic appeal and turn it into a stunning backyard masterpiece. The best water features can also add more pleasure for your family and upgrade the pool’s perceived value over time.

With so many water feature options in the market that you can choose from, the most challenging part is to find a particular set that will complement the design of your pool, suit your artistic taste, and achieve a stylish overall look that will help you relax.

To help you decide what add-ons best suit your pool, here's a rundown of some of the most popular must-have unique water features and why you need them.


An amazing feature for your pool is a waterfall, providing a nature-inspired surrounding. The welcoming natural-like sound of a waterfall will surely entice people to submerge in your pool.

Because of the soothing environment that the waterfall will generate, it will add up a more serene and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the continuous flow of water can provide a sense of motion that will naturally make your pool alive.


If you like the sensation of pressurised water hitting you while in the pool, cannons are the best water features for you. Aside from being a decorative feature to your pool, this water feature can provide you a hydro-massage experience coming from the force at which varying high-pressure water is produced.

Maybe more important than the revitalising massage, it can reduce the water temperature into a cooler level while it's circulation process keeps your pool water clean and crystal clear.

Spas or Hot Tubs

Spas or hot tubs are considered as luxurious water features. It serves as an easy respite in your backyard where you and your friends can wind down and relax.

Aside from adding value to your property and lifestyle, it is also beneficial to your health and wellbeing. A relaxing soak in your spa or hot tub will help you soothe those muscle aches and pains that will surely give you a better sleep.

spa bath

Spa Rainfall

Rainfall is a beauty for the eyes, music for the ears, and soothing for skin senses. If you want to enjoy a restorative feeling of swimming under the rain, a spa rainfall water feature can provide you that childhood reminiscing experience.

With this spa-like feature, your pool can be a luring environment for relaxation both for the body and spirit. More importantly, a water-to-water experience is at hand without having to wait for the rain.


Sunpod is a water feature that never goes out of style. It is designed with concealed water jets installed to provide a regulated water flow that bubbles their way up and settles back down into the pool. Its classy style will turn your ordinary pool into a special swimming haven in terms of looks and experience.

Aside from adding appeal to your pool, sunpod can serve as the best “splash zone” for kids and even kids at heart. This means plenty of extra fun, playtime, and enjoyable experience around those water jets.

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Deck Jets

Deck jets as the name suggests, are water features interestingly designed to shoot a narrow stream of shimmering water that arcs upwards from jets located on the ground and back into the pool. Adding up to your relaxation vibes is the sound and the sight of running water right in your pool.

Besides getting that quick cool down under a hot sunny day, the simple yet highly attractive feature can offer you stunning visuals of fun and drama at night when illuminated with colorful LED lights.

Water wall

A water wall is an extremely beautiful water feature that can be customised according to your preferences. It is designed to create an effect of water flowing through an attractive tiled wall and back into your pool in a cycle. This impressive mini-waterfall effect comes from a water blade that pushes the water to flow from the pool through a concealed pipework connected to the wall and cascades back endlessly.

Though water walls are more pricey compared to other water features, you will never regret the overwhelming aesthetic appeal and extremely relaxing experience that will be added to your pool.

Rock Water Feature

If you are a big fan of simple yet attractive pool design, then the rock water feature is a must-have for you. This feature is a cliff-like rock built beside the pool and designed to drop water right where you swim. The sound of cascading water, matched with trees within your surroundings creates a natural rainforest ambience that will certainly transform your swimming pool into an oasis of relaxation.

Top-Quality Pools at Burleigh Pools

When planning upgrades for your pool, you should consider the type and design of your pool, as these will determine the water features that will fit well with your pool. If you’re unsure which ones to choose, then it’s best to get help from professional builders like Burleigh Pools.

Recognised as one of the most established pool builders in Queensland, Burleigh Pools is fully licensed in both Queensland and New South Wales. We can design and build the best water features for the style and type of pool that you have.

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