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Must-Have Accessories for your Pool Party This Summer

pool party

It is summer in Queensland and it is hands-down the most awaited season of the year, especially for the kids who will be spending most of their time at home. This makes it the perfect time for a pool party with family and friends.

To make splashing under the sun more fun, here are some exciting pool accessories for adults and kids alike to throw into the water or lounge with while poolside.

1. Waterproof Speakers

What is a party without music, right? Blast your favourite tunes without worrying about ruining your sound system by grabbing a couple of waterproof speakers. The best choice would be the wireless kind so you won’t have to mess with extension cords.

You can even up your game with a few floating speakers to make sure that everyone in the party can enjoy your killer playlist.

2. Pool Floats

One brilliant way to enjoy the water while basking under the sun’s golden rays is to relax on pool floats. An inflatable raft or couch will allow you to enjoy the hot day while chatting with friends and family. Animal floats like a flamingo, unicorn, penguin, and others are among hit accessories with the kids and are totally Instagrammable!

Some floaties can hold drinks and food, allowing you to sip and snack while floating on the water. Playing floats like inflatable beer pong can also be a fun addition to the party.

pool floats

3. Pool Ornaments

You can transform your pristine pool into a magical place with the right decorations! Balloons, banners, glow sticks and dancing lights are some of the things that you can add to your pool area to liven up the scene.

When choosing decorations and pool ornaments, you can also go by a theme. Some popular pool party themes include Caribbean or Hawaiian and pirates. You can also ask your guests to come in themed costumes!

4. Poolside Towel Rack

Instead of handing out fresh towels for everyone after a dip in the pool, place a towel rack nearby instead. Most of the time, guests like to bring their own towels anyway. With a rack by the pool, it will be convenient for your visitors to reach out for their own towels when it’s time to dry off.

pool towel 

5. Canopies

Sunbathing can be nice but too much sun exposure is risky. Be a good host and provide some shade for your guests to chill and relax. A round dining table with an umbrella is suitable for small spaces while a canopy is best for large areas.

These shaded spaces will also help protect food and drinks from direct sunlight and prevent the ice from melting quickly.

6. Coolers

Everyone loves an ice-cold drink when it’s hot out so make sure your refreshments are kept cool. You can also serve fresh and frozen fruits!

To keep everything nice and clean, have a separate cooler for soda, fruit, and beer. And if you have kids present at the party, make sure you have juice on the drinks menu. Place the coolers in a shaded area to prevent ice from melting.

If you’re lucky, you can find floating coolers so nobody needs to get out of the water to fetch their drinks.

pool side snacks

7. Outdoor Dining Table

Poolside is one of the best places to dine. If you will be serving food at your pool party, then an outdoor dining table is a must! You can set it up like a traditional dining table and surround it with chairs or you can arrange it like a buffet with all the food in the middle and have seating options your guests can choose from throughout the area. Lastly, don’t forget to place your table in a shaded area or to install a canopy or sunshade overhead.

8. Sunbathing Lounge Chairs

Provide your guests with a comfortable place to dry off after a swim. Adjustable lounge chairs are always appreciated at a pool party and it will be even better if you add a small table beside each lounge so they can set down their drinks or snack while enjoying the sun.

9. Kids Pool Section

If your party includes both kids and adults, then make sure to put extra care in securing a safe place for the children to enjoy the water. Section off the shallow end of the pool and set it as the kids’ area. This way the kids will know not to veer off into the deeper end of the pool. This also makes it easy for the adults to supervise the kids.

You can add inflatable slides and other fun and interactive inflatables in their pool to become busy playing and avoid going to adult pools.

kids in pool

10. Custom Pool Spa

If actually swimming and playing around in the pool is not your thing and simply floating around bores you, then you can transform your pool into a spa. Turn your pool into a luxurious spa by investing in water jets that will make the water bubble and give your guests a massage.

Safety Tips

A pool party this summer with these accessories will surely be a hit. However, you must not forget that accidents can happen while everyone is having a good time. To help keep the family safe while enjoying the pool, here are some safety measures:

Assign a lifeguard

Depending on the number of people at the pool party, you should have a lifeguard or two to keep an eye on the pool and you guests at all times.. You can either hire professional lifeguards or assign some skilled swimmers at the pool party to do it. Whichever you choose, make sure that there is a lifeguard on alert at any given time to keep everyone safe.

Create Pool Rules and Post Them

To ensure the safety at your pool party this summer, it’s best to set pool rules that the kids will follow.

Make Sunscreen Application Compulsory

Aside from accidents, the next thing that you want to avoid at a pool party is having a massive sunburn. Not just for you and your family, by the way, but all guests enjoying your home pool. The sun can be very hot during summers in Australia. So, ensure that everyone applies sunscreen before hitting the water.

pool safety

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