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Just because you don’t have a large yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a swimming pool. There’s often plenty of space to install a stylish plunge pool where you can cool off during those hot summer days on the Gold Coast.

Plunge pools are small, deep swimming pools ideal for yards, patios or gardens where size is a limiting factor. They provide all the enjoyment of lounging and cooling off in the comfort of your own home, with much easier maintenance, lower costs and water requirements than larger swimming pools.

Your plunge pool doesn't have to be basic either. You can still add a beautiful water feature, lighting or landscaping to create your own slice of paradise, or even attach a stylish spa

Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builders

Burleigh Pools are award winning pool builders based on the Gold Coast. Talk to us about designing and building a plunge pool to suit your home and lifestyle. You can view some of our previous custom plunge pool designs below.


Plunge Pool FAQs

What's the point of a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool better suited to lounging, wading, and relaxing instead swimming and exercising.

Many homeowners recommend plunge pools them because they tend to attract lower costs to build, much smaller sizes, easier maintenance as well as reduced water requirements.

What are the benefits of building a plunge pool?

There are many advantages and benefits to installing a plunge pool on your property:

  • A great way to achieve the "private pool" experience without taking up lots of space.
  • Plunge pools are cheaper to build and install than conventional pools.
  • Pool maintenance is both easier and less expensive compared a larger pool.
  • More environmentally friendly by using less water, less chemicals and requiring less energy to filter.
  • Taking a quick dip is beneficial to both your physical and mental health.
  • Plunge pools can also be fitted out with jets so they become spa pool.
  • Swim jets can be added to create an artifical current which allows you to actually swim for exercise in a plunge pool.

What size is a typical plunge pool?

Plunge pool dimensions are usually:

Length: 2-7metres.
Width: 2-4 metres.
Depth:1-2 metres.

What materials are plunge pools made from?

Burleigh pools construct in-ground plunge pools out of concrete.

As a leading Gold Coast pool construction company, we choose to use concrete because it is extremely durable and allows for a much greater variety of shapes, colours and customisation.

Can plunge pools be heated?

Your plunge pool CAN be heated!

This means you'll have the ability to swim all-year-round and at any time of the day.

Since a plunge pool is much smaller than a typical backyard pool, it will use significantly less energy for heating and running the filter.

Does a plunge pool add value to your property?

It is entirely possible for a stylish plunge pool to add value to your home. However, this can also depend greatly on where you live.

For example, in a very warm climate (such as the Gold Coast) home buyers can get plenty of use out of having a pool in their backyard.

In the case of South East QLD or Northern NSW, a plunge pool is much more likely to add value to your home as opposed to installing plunge pool in a much colder place like Tasmania.

Can you swim in a plunge pool?

You can use a plunge pool for swimming, however it will take some extra investment in your setup.

Plunge pools come with the option of installing swim jets which create an artificial current of resistance so you can swim in place for as long as you want.

This creates the experience of a long distance swim and is perfect for every day people who are looking for a good workout.

Even without the use of swim jets, a plunge pool can be a great option for teaching a small child how to swim safely.

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