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Pool Filters Explained

Swimming Pool

Apart from an impressive design, the best swimming pools are those that are safe and hygienic. Installing the right pool filter for your pool type will definitely help in extending the life and looks of your pool. Not to mention peace of mind in knowing you are swimming in clean water.

Sand Filters

A sand filter uses a tank that is 75% filled with a special type of sand and 25% free space for the water to get in. Once there, the water passes through the sand where microns, dirt and debris will be caught leaving you with clean water. This filter can have either a push-pull valve or a multiport valve. Both can do backwashing which gets rid of everything trapped in the filter.

Push-pull or slide valve - These only have two positions (filter and backwash) and are always located on the side.

Multiport valve - Some of these have three to six modes. It has filter and backwash modes including rinse, recirculate, closed and waste or drain. Most pools get this instead of the side valve because it has more functions that allow for better filtering and maintenance.

This is the oldest pool filtering technology. Many still use this because it is affordable and the maintenance is easy. The sand will only need replacing after three to five years which is a reasonable period.

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This filter is made of spun polyester pleated and wrapped around a heavy plastic or a PVC core bound with rubber. Dirt, microns and other particles in the water are caught in the filter. After that, clean water is forced out of its pleats.

Cartridge filters are the most popular filter choice because of their convenience to maintain and affordability. If a pool is used for a full 12 months throughout the year, then the filter must be cleaned at least two or three times a year. Backwashing is not done and the cleaning process isn't a burden because it takes about one and a half hours or less to finish the job. With proper maintenance, a cartridge will last you six to eight years, and even then the process of replacing the cartridge is quite easy.

Pool design and maintenance help

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