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Recent Pool Construction Highlights

Burleigh Pools have been extremely busy through the summer holidays and into early 2022. During this time, we've constructed a range of beautiful new pools that we'd love to show you.

New Geometric Pools

A stylish addition to any backyard, our geometric shaped pools can be designed to fit with the space around your home or garden. The geometric pool deisgn is generally quite versatile in terms of function and aesthetics.

As you can see from the recent photos below, designing and building a geometric pool is a great way to enhance your home and compliment your Gold Coast lifestyle.

Geometric pool built by Burleigh Pools on the Gold Coast,QLD.

Custom geometric pool with staircase on the Gold Coast by Burliegh Pools

Geomtric shaped pool built on the Gold Coast by Bureligh Pools

Our geometric pools can include just about any accessory we have on offer, such as:


New Freeform Pools

Freeform Pools add modern style to your home and garden. Smooth, rounded and sleek lines can give a resort style aesthetic and make you feel like you're swimming in your own little piece of paradise.

Check out some of our recently constructed freeform pools on the Gold Coast:

Freeform pool built by Bueligh Pools

Freeform pool constructed on the Gold Coast by Burleigh Pools

There's a wide range of pool features and finishes that can be added to a freeform pool to help create the perfect outdoor to simply to relax in. 


New Lap Pools

Lap pools can sometimes be perceived as being a little bit bland - however, a modern lap pool can be a trendy addition to your home as you'll see below:

Lap Pool built on the Gold Coast by Burleigh Poold

We built this lap pool here on the Gold Coast. One of the best features of a lap pool is that it can be customised to suit your requirements such as:

  • Length;
  • Depth;
  • Adjoining features;
  • Overall visual aesthetic.

Swimming for exercise is very beneficial and a lap pool is perfect for getting that extra bit of physical activity in your day.


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We make quality pools and spas that can suit any space or size together with our professional and highly trained staff, including Geometric pools, Plunge pools and Freefrom pools

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