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Whether you’re entertaining friends or just looking for a way to wind down at the end of the day, spa pools provide an easy respite right at your back door.

Many people still see spas as a luxury item, made for mansions or up-market hotels. In reality, installing a spa is similar to installing a swimming pool and can even be part of an existing pool or new backyard pool. So a luxurious, relaxing spa pool in your own home is more attainable than you'd think.

At Burleigh Pools we can design a spa to add to an existing pool or to be built in with your new swimming pool. Talk to us today about how we can help enhance your home with a spa. 

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Spa Pool FAQs

Do you need a pool fence around a spa?

If your spa pool does not have a secure, child-resistant structure (such as a door, lid, grille or mesh), you are required to install a fence to prevent access to the spa area.

Are Pool and Spa Chemicals the Same?

No - Pool and spa chemicals are not the same. Using pool chemicals in your spa can cause damage to the spa itself and cause problems for the people who use it.

How much maintenance is involved in owning a spa pool?

It is important that you schedule specific times throughout the year to give your spa pool a ‘once over’. This should happen at least every 3-4 months.

How much does it cost to operate a spa pool?

432 kilowatts per month - This estimate is based on 60 minutes of usage, six times a week with an ambient temperature of 15.5°C and water temperature of 30.5°C. To calculate the estimated monthly electricity cost, multiply 432 kilowatts with your energy provider’s unit cost.

How does spa pool ozone work?

When ozone gas is injected into your spa water, it destroys most bacteria and viruses present in the spa water. Ozone also breaks down body oils so the water will remain clear and fresh for a longer period of time.

Are spa pools good for arthritis?

Yes - When you have arthritis, a warm pool is the ideal place to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. The water will reduce the force of gravity compressing the joint and offer 360-degree support for sore limbs that have limited range of motion.

What is a pool spa combo?

A swimming pool with an integrated spa bath. The spa can be built into a corner, side, or end of the pool, depending on the shape of the pool. The pool water and spa water is separated by a wall to prevent the cold pool water from seeping into the heated spa.


Benefits of a Spa Pool

There are many benefits to have a spa bath or spa pool constructed for your Gold Coast home. With advances in technology, spas are simple to use, easy to maintain and can benefit to your overall health and wellbeing.

Feel healthier & happier at home

You can spend more time with your family and relax in the privacy of your own home. Your spa pool will become a safe place where everyone can relax, let their guard down and enjoy meaningful conversation.

Helps to alleviate aches and pains

A soak in your own warm spa will relax your muscles. This will result in decreased pain and joint stiffness and promote range of motion. A spa bath is one of the best ways to apply heat to sore, arthritic joints. 

Sleep easier and better

A study in the journal of ‘Sleep’ showed that soaking in a hot spa before heading off to bed will allow you to fall asleep faster and provide a deeper, more relaxing sleep as your body cools down.

Entertain your friends

A spa pool is another great feature that can make entertaining friends or hosting a BBQ easier for you and more enjoyable for your guests. Your spa bath can also be used all year round and gives you the benefit of a "resort lifestyle" added to your home.

Add value to your property

A spa is considered to be a luxury item. In many cases, installing a spa will add value to your property and also add value to your lifestyle.


Enhance your Home with a Spa Pool

Burleigh Pools can design a spa to add or attach to your existing pool, or can integrate a spa with your new pool.

Call Burleigh Pools on 07 5576 0500 or use our contact form to request a consultation.

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