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The Process

The Process

Let's lift the lid on the pool building process so you know what to expect when you build your swimming pool with Burleigh Pools.

The Pre-Build Stage

After your initial contact with Burleigh Pools, a member of our customer service team will assist you through the first stages of selecting a swimming pool to suit your needs and make an appointment with one of our pool building consultants.

Once an appointment has been made the consultant will meet with you at the proposed pool site. At this initial consultation, they will assess the site suitability and you can discuss any special requirements for your pool further.

Your consultant will then prepare a tailor-made design and quote for your swimming pool in consultation with other members of the Burleigh Pools team where needed.

When you are satisfied with the consultant's proposal, he will prepare your S.P.A.S.A (Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia) contract and guide you through the terms and conditions.

The Build

Stage 1: Plans

Our engineer will prepare plans for your new pool based on your specifications and the quote for the chosen pool design. These are submitted by us directly to our private certifier. Once this has been done our construction supervisor will contact you to arrange a suitable start date.

Stage 2: Excavation

The site is excavated and steel reinforcement is delivered.

Stage 3: Structural shell

The excavated site is then boxed and steeled, after which the concrete shell is poured in.

Stage 4: Coping/Tiling

Your coping is delivered to the site. Our subcontractor will then lay the coping and tile band if applicable.

Stage 5: Filtration equipment

Your pool filtration equipment will be delivered to the site and installed.

Stage 6: Pebble interior

Once all fencing requirements are completed and approved by the certifier, the pool interior will be completed. Pebble interiors are usually acid washed the following day, after which the pool can be filled.

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