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Why Are Plunge Pools So Popular?

Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of the popular plunge pool so you can decide whether or not it would be a good fit for your backyard, lifestyle and budget.  

Plunge pools

Plunge pools have gained immense popularity among Australian home owners recently. This type of in-ground pool design is smaller and more compact in size compared to your standard concrete swimming pool and is made mainly for relaxation. They are the perfect pool option for smaller blocks or for people who like to enjoy a cooling dip by “plunging” into the pool, but without the costly and time-consuming maintenance that comes with larger swimming pools.

Here are all the reasons why homeowners are opting to choose a plunge pool:

The Size

The average size range of plunge pools is usually built to anything between 2m and 7m in length, and a width of 2m to 4m. They are usually shallow and made perfect for relaxation, or greater depth with a ledge for seating. Their smaller size compared to a regular swimming pool makes them easy to install even for the narrowest house blocks, which would normally be too small to house a full-sized pool.

However, just because a plunge pool size is small, this doesn’t mean it can’t be used for swimming. Swim jets can be added to create an artificial current which allows you to actually swim for exercise in a plunge pool.

The Cost

The cost of your plunge pool depends on a range of factors such as what type (fibreglass pool or concrete plunge pool), difficulty of the installation, shape and size of the pool, and the range of features you want to include. Because of their convenient size, plunge pools are often installed on smaller and more difficult sites which can be a more time-consuming job that requires the skills of a specialist pool builder like Burleigh Pools.

Even though it is hard to say exactly how much a plunge pool would cost on your block, what you do know is that you’ll pay significantly less on your water and electricity bill compared to a larger swimming pool.


A reason for plunge pool’s growing popularity is their endless versatility. The designs are extremely varied and with numerous sizes and shapes available, making it easier than ever to enjoy a plunge pool which suits your property. You can also choose between a large range of water features, lights, seating and decking to make it uniquely yours.

plunge pool gold coast


Plunge pools can greatly enhance your lifestyle. They are normally equipped with large, comfortable seating areas for relaxation, with the option of transforming the pool into a spa bath. Many also opt to install spa or swimming jets to help soothe tired muscles and relieve stress and anxiety. 


Again, because of the size of a plunge pool, they’re much easier to clean and maintain than your regular-sized swimming pools. But not only will it take less time to skim for leaves and vacuum the sides and bottom, it will be cheaper to maintain - from the time spent running the pump to maintaining your filters and the water levels, everything is reduced with a plunge pool.  

Eco friendly

Installing a plunge pool is the most environmentally friendly choice of pool. Because of their smaller size and shallowness, they require less water than a regular-sized pool and less energy usage from filtration systems or heating systems. A smaller pool will also require less harmful chemicals for cleaning.

In short, you are not only saving time and money on a plunge pool, you’re also saving the environment. If you think a plunge pool could be right for you, please talk to Burleigh Pools, your plunge pool specialist. We have years of experience in the design and installation of custom concrete pools, so we can create a plunge pool which is ideally suited to your block.

Gold Coast Plunge Pool Builders

Burleigh Pools are award winning pool builders based on the Gold Coast. Talk to us about designing and building a quality concrete pool to suit your home and lifestyle. You can view some of our previous custom plunge pool designs below.

As award winning pool builders, our friendly staff have the experience to give you a cost effective great looking pool complete with landscaping, fencing and more. Meeting your budget and nailing your preferred style is our utmost priority which is why we provide a free consultation.

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