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Pool Ideas for Sloping Blocks

Sloping block infinity pool

Building or buying a home on a sloped block doesn't mean you have to forgo your swimming pool dreams. There are plenty of options available to ensure a quality pool build that perfectly complements your home and landscaping.

Speaking with a professional pool building company is the best way to discuss your options and come up with a stunning sloping block pool design that works with your land and enhances your lifestyle. 

Sloping Block Pool Designs

Here are some great design options for pools on a sloping or steep block.

Retaining Wall Pool

This is a classic and versatile solution. A retaining wall is built around the perimeter of the pool to support the slope and create a level base for the pool itself.

The retaining wall helps to stabilise the soil around the pool and prevent soil from collapsing into the pool. A retaining wall pool requires a drainage system to be installed behind the wall structure to help prevent soil erosion and maintain the strength and stability of the retaining wall. 

This pool design allows you to incorporate the slope into the pool area and can create a very dramatic look for your outdoor space. It an ideal option for hillside blocks and steep slopes, and allows you to enjoy sweeping views from the pool. 

Retaining wall pool on sloping block

Retaining wall pool on waterfront sloping block


Infinity Pool (Negative Edge Pool)

If you have a stunning view to showcase, an infinity pool can be a showstopper on a sloping block. The pool appears to have one edge that seamlessly blends into the horizon. This is achieved with a cleverly designed collection pool that catches the overflowing water and works well with a water feature.

Sloping block infinity pool

Waterfront sloping block pool


Split-Level Pool

This design works well with a steeper slope. You can create different levels in the pool, with shallow areas at the top and deeper areas lower down. This can be a great way to maximise the usable space of the backyard and create a visually stunning paradise in your own yard.

Split level sloping block pool


Custom Concrete Pool

The beauty of concrete is its flexibility. You can work with a pool designer to create a truly unique pool that perfectly complements the slope of your block. This could include features like waterfalls, water spouts, swim-up bars, or even grottos. With enough concrete and steel reinforcement laid during the pool installation stage, you can have your dream pool and a perfect oasis to enjoy with the family.  

Split level sloping block pool


Additional Things to Consider

Soil Stability

A soil test is crucial to ensure the stability of the slope and the pool itself.

Consulting a Pool Builder

An experienced pool builder familiar with Australian pool industry regulations and experienced in working with slopes will be invaluable in guiding you towards the best option for your specific block and budget. Burleigh Pools has designed and installed a variety of swimming pools in sloping yards around the Gold Coast and can guide you on the best type of pool to suit your slope. 

Split level sloping block pool


Contact Us

By considering these options and consulting with a professional, you can create a beautiful and functional swimming pool that takes advantage of your unique sloping block.

Burleigh Pools are award-winning Gold Coast pool builders.

Talk to us about designing and building a pool that will fit your home and backyard. Our team have the experience to give you a great looking pool complete with landscaping, fencing and more.

Meeting your budget and nailing your preferred style is our utmost priority which is why we provide a free consultation. You can view our previous pool projects here.

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