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10 Awesome Pool Accessories for Kids

inflatable pool toys

It’s summertime again in Australia and it’s a fun season for kids. This is the best time to splash around the pool and play with friends and family while enjoying the cool water on a hot and humid day. To give your kids the ultimate summer experience, why not throw in some of these fantastic pool toys too! Here is our top 10 list of awesome pool accessories for kids that you need to get this summer.

1. Inflatable Tubes

floating pool hoops from TargetDon’t leave the pool bare when the kids and their friends are having a splash about. Inflatable tubes can make any pool instantly more colourful - and safer. Plus, they are fun! You’ll be surprised by how many games the kids can come up with using these floaties.

Best of all, you don’t need to spend too much on these classic pool accessories. Kids can be kids so if you happen to lose a tube to the water gods then you won't be out of pocket much. 

We like these from Target for just $15 each

2. Pool Volleyball

inflatable pool volleyball game from intexWho doesn’t love volleyball? If you have a number of kids to keep entertained in the pool, then make the playdate ten times more fun with a volleyball game set. Complete with a floating net attached to inflatable poles and vinyl volleyball, this will bring out the kids’ competitive spirit (and even a few adults)! The set also comes with a shelf box and repair kit.

We like this Intex Pool Volleyball game from Clark Rubber for $27.95

3. Inflatable Basketball

inflatable pool basketball game from intexIf volleyball isn't their thing, then it’s time to move to the next sport. Keep them entertained with an inflatable basketball set, which consists of a floating ring and a basketball. If you have the budget, buy two sets of it so you can set-up a ring at both ends of the pool and create full-court action to test the kids’ agility and swimming skills. The inflatable basketball game will also help to promote teamwork and create a strong bond between the kids.

You can get this Inflatable Pool Hoops Basketball game from Kmart for $6

4. Clear View Bottom Boat

Clear view bottom boatHere’s a pool accessory for kids that the adults will be envious of - a clear view bottom boat. This float will keep your kids in the pool even after they get tired of swimming. But it’s not just an ordinary boat float, the clear-view bottom will make it that little more interesting for the kids. Watch as they become mystified when trying to discover the wonders of your pool’s bottom. Bring out the curiosity of your kids as they sail the length of your pool with this clear-view bottom boat.

We like this clear bottom boat from Clark Rubber for $27.95

5. Hot Rocker

Wahu Hot RockerWho said that a seesaw can only be played at the park? With the Wahu Hot Rocker, your kids can experience the same thrill of going up and down while playing in the pool with a friend.

The Hot Rocker is made of durable material so you don’t have to worry about it breaking while the kids are playing on it. Just make sure to tell the riders to hold the handles tight because it’s going to be a fun ride!

You can get the Wahu Hot Rocker from Target

6. Pool Slide

Wahu Inflatable Pool SlideGetting into the pool is even more fun with a slide, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why, among the pool accessories for kids, an inflatable pool slide is easily the favourite. It will give the kids hours and hours of fun. This pool slide has a water spray attachment, which will make sliding much easier for kids. There are also handles at the back to make climbing simpler.

You can purchase this inflatable Wahu Super Cool slide from Target for $79

7. Floating Baby Seat

Floating Baby SeatWho says babies can’t join in the pool party? With this floating baby seat, your baby can float on the pool while watching the other kids play. This pool accessory is also a great training tool to teach babies to swim. They can splash around and kick their little feet while safely seated on the float. Just note that the floating baby seat can only carry babies of 15kg and below.

You can buy this cute floating baby seat from Baby Bunting for $19.95

8. Tube Wars

Wahu Tube WarsA test of strength and speed, the pool tube wars will bring out the warrior in your kids, all for the fun of course. The set is composed of two base tubes to sit in and two paddles for knocking opponents off their seats. The base tubes can carry up to 70 kg of weight. Just make sure that the kids are supervised when playing with the tube wars. This will help ensure that no one will get hurt while playing with this pool accessory.

You can buy the Wahu Battle Tubes from Rebel Sport for $39.99

9. Pool Float Squirter

Pirate ship pool squirterHow do you make a float more fun and entertaining for kids? Simple, just add water. A water squirter that is! Equipped with a constant supply water pistol, this pool accessory will surely become a hit among your kids and their mates. It comes with different designs, too. Just search online and you’ll find a wide variety of pool float squirters for the summer.

We like the Aquafun Pirate Ship and Water Shooter from Pool & Spa Warehouse for just $45

10. Pool Hoops

Pool hoopsPool time can also be a training opportunity for the kids. Teach them how to dive and swim underwater like a pro with these coloured pool hoops. They will sink to the pool bottom and stand upright so the kids can swim through them. As the kids slowly gain confidence in swimming underwater, you can make the course more challenging by adding more hoops. Before you know it, your kids are already expert underwater swimmers.

Have a look at this set of Wahu Pool Hoops from Big W for $20

Build with Burleigh Pools

These awesome pool accessories for kids will surely give your little ones the best summer experience. But if you’re reading this and feeling a little FOMO, then make this summer the time you finally get that backyard pool you've always wanted. Burleigh Pools will be more than happy to help.

Burleigh Pools is one of the most established and well-recognised pool builders in Queensland. Enquire today and we will help you build a custom pool that suits your backyard and is sure to be a hit with the whole family (and maybe the neighbours too).

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