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Outdoor Pool Furniture

The optimum swimming pool experience doesn’t depend only on the swimming pool, but also on the furniture surrounding it. Not everyone is in the mood for a dip in the water, some just want to hang around the pool and enjoy the ambience. This is why choosing the furniture to be placed around the pool requires just as much thought as designing the pool itself! And because pool furniture can be quite an investment as well, a lot of things need to be considered such as the style, durability, colour, and usefulness.

Outdoor Sunbeds

SunbedOutdoor sunbeds are the perfect way to enjoy the poolside. Whether you want to rest after a lap, get a good tan, or just take a breather, an outdoor sunbed will not fail you. There are sunbeds with cushions for the best relaxation time, but you can also opt for beds with light-weight hand-woven material or plastic to lie down even when you are dripping wet.


Lounges with UmbrellasLounges with Umbrellas

When the heat becomes unbearable, relaxing in a covered comfortable lounge is a good option. You can still enjoy the outdoor view and be protected from the harsh sunlight. You can choose a lounge with a matching umbrella to suit the theme of your pool. You can also pair it with a table for the drinks or snacks. For additional relaxing experience, an S-shaped lounge is a great choice as it follows the curve of the spine.


DaybedsA lovely nap is always a good idea after a tiring outdoor fun activity. Daybeds are perfect for this function as it can be used as a bed, a lounge, or a recliner. Pair it with matching pillows and sheets to achieve a stylish pool area.


Storage Options

A fun time in the pool will not be complete without some fun pool toys especially for the kids. These may be balls, noodles, racers, floaters, or even floating pool slides. At the end of every playing spree, it is pleasing to the eyes (and safer for everyone else!) to see these toys neatly organized and stored in their respective bins. There are pool storage bins made of the net to allow dripping of excess water.

Wet towels are a medium for bacterial growth. Hence, towel racks are a great way to store wet towels to dry. Dry towels may be neatly folded and stored in stylish drawers matching the style of the pool. Wooden benches may also double as storage compartments to keep not just towels, but anything that is dry.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to storing things you use around the pool is the storage solution for big pieces of furniture like lounges or sunbeds. Hence, it is also good to consider lounges that slide or fold. This will help in easy storage once summer is over. There are loungers that can be stacked on top of another to save storage space as well.

Whether you need advice on pool furniture and outdoor storage solutions or already have an idea in your mind, Burleigh Pools will help you put your plans into actions. We customize according to your preference. Request for a free consultation now by dialling 07 5576 0500 or sending us an email.

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