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Types of Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Pool maintenance doesn't have to be difficult when you've got the proper equipment. One piece of equipment that is essential to keeping your pool clean (and will save you hours in maintenance work) is a pool cover. Pool covers come in a variety of materials and styles that will serve your needs according to your location, budget and weather conditions.

Leaf and Debris Pool Cover

Made of a weave fabric, this pool cover is designed to be bigger than the pool to ensure complete coverage. As its name implies, it keeps the pool free of leaves and debris. Cleaning the pool can be a hassle and time consuming, especially when there are surrounding trees in your yard that shed leaves into the pool on a daily basis, but this cover effectively helps to prevent that.


  • Save you hours of cleaning 
  • Provides enough protection when used during the winter months.


  • Does not provide insulation
  • Can't prevent pool water evaporation

Solar/Bubble Blanket Pool Cover

The material used in the blanket is similar to a thick bubble wrap. It prevents the evaporation of water in the pool by 90% - 97%. Laying it across the pool is easy because it is usually attached to the pool cover roller. If the water in your pool is heated, using this type of cover can help contain the heat for longer compared to using a leaf and debris cover. Since the blanket can trap heat from UV rays it can add as much as 8 degrees Celsius to the temperature of the water.


  • Affordable
  • Also functions as a cover for leaf and debris
  • Effectively saves water and preserves heat


  • Needs to be replaced after a few years
  • Can't retain heat overnight

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Thermal Blanket/Doona Pool Cover

Thermal blanket pool covers are made of a multi-layer, foam-based material that lays flat when you use it to cover your pool. It has an ultraviolet stabilised cross-line foam with bounded outer laminates. There's little chance for algae growth in the water because sunlight doesn't get through. You can order one custom shaped or cut it at home. This doesn't have to be attached to something and laying it in the pool is easy.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Effectively traps the heat, saving electricity
  • Safe to leave under the sun
  • Low maintenance
  • Can last from eight to 10 years.


  • More expensive than other options

Polycarbonate Pool Slat Cover

This is considered the most durable pool cover option. Bad weather conditions like hail or extended periods of sun exposure won't deteriorate the quality of a polycarbonate pool slat. It's also effective in retaining the temperature of a heated pool. It's also one of the best options to prevent water loss and evaporation. Covering the pool is not a problem either because they're electrically powered and will retract and extend at the press of a button.


  • Efficient protection from debris and dirt
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Most effective insulation and prevention of evaporation
  • Putting the cover on is easy
  • Can last for a long time; high durability


  • Expensive
  • Usage requires electricity

Pool equipment and maintenance

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