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Freeform swimming pools are a wonderful way to add contemporary style to your garden and pool area.

We can work with your style preferences and ideas to create a freeform shape design that not only suits your home but enhances your outdoor area making it the perfect setting when entertaining guests or relaxing. There's a huge range of pool features and finishes that can be included to create everything from a resort-style pool to a wonderful garden oasis.

Have a browse through some of our freeform pools for ideas and inspiration below.

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As award-winning pool builders, our team have the experience to build a pool that you will never want to get out of! Enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast lifestyle today with your own slice of paradise. Talk to a Burleigh Pools consultant today about getting a freeform inground pool for your home.

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Freeform Pool FAQs

What is a freeform pool?

A freeform swimming pool is deisgned to be an irregular shape with flowing curves and lines. One of the most popular and well-known freeform pool shapes is the famous kidney shaped pool. 

When you think of a traditional swimming pool, you'd normally think of a regular shape (such as a rectangle) which is lined with tiles.

We build our freeform pools using concrete construction methods which allow the pool to be any shape, size or configuration required to fit the design.

Modern freeform pools often have rock/waterfall features and are commonly designed to have a more "natural" look and feel. It is popular to design freeform pools to resemble a natural pond, oasis or water hole.


What are the advantages of the freeform pool shape?

Some of the great benefits that come with building a freeform style swimming pool include:

  • Aesthetics - Freeform pools have a more natural and organic look so they can blend into the landscape of your property. With the right plants and landscaping, a freeform swimming pool can feel more like paddling around a lush oasis.
  • Customisation - You can choose the right mixture of beauty and functionality to suit your home.
  • Flexibility - If you have a small or oddly shaped backyard, a freeform pool can be designed and constructed to best fit the available space.
  • Features - Freeform pools can be built with a variety of extra features such as tanning ledges, rock bridges, islands, beach style entries & in-pool tables/chairs to make your pool truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Exercise - Swimming is great exercise for the whole family.

Don't settle for a cookie cutter pool design, talk to the team at Burleigh Pools to see if a freeform pool is right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

Are free form pools more expensive to build than traditional shapes?

Generally, the answer is no but it depends on the size and scope of every project.

Freeform pools are usually similar in price to a rectangular shaped pool of a similar size.

You can discuss your pricing options with one of our expert pool consultants when visiting our showroom.

Are freeform pools in style?

Freeform pools are certainly in-style if you are going for a natural, rocky and more lagoon style experience.

If you have natural landscaping around your home then the freeform pool is the perfect addition.

Completely custom, unique pools are in fashion on the Gold Coast in QLD and the only limitations to a freeform pool design is your imagination and your budget.


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