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How to Clean Your Glass Pool Fence

Clean You Glass Pool Fence

A glass pool fence is an excellent choice for the backyard swimming pool fencing. It gives an unobstructed view of the entire pool, looks great with any type of landscaping, and is incredibly strong and durable. More importantly, glass pool fences are compliant to Australian Standards.

However, like with any glass surface, your fence won't look great if it's dirty and smeared, which is easy when it's outdoors and around the pool where splashing is unavoidable! Luckily, this kind of fence is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Follow this simple guide on how to clean your glass pool fence below:

Use liquid soap and water

There are a lot of products out there that boast about how great they are in cleaning glass panels and glass fences. This might be true, but you don’t have to spend a lot to clean your glass fence. In fact, water and everyday liquid soap will do. Dishwashing soap is also a good alternative.

Clean the glass panels with liquid soap using a sponge to remove any smudges or stains. Just make sure that sponge is free of sand or debris that can scratch the glass fencing. Then, use a hose to rinse the fence with clean water. Leave them to air dry and you will have a crystal-clear glass pool fence in no time.

Schedule regular cleaning

To ensure that your glass pool fence will last for a long time, you must clean it regularly. The ideal cleaning interval should not be more than six months. But it depends on how dirty the glass fence is already. You might need to clean more often during the summer months when the pool is used more often. Also, some homes are located in windy places, which will make the glass fences easily accumulate dirt in a short time. The key is to always be aware of the dirtiness of your glass pool fence, so you would know when the time is right to clean.

Include posts and railings

It is better to get a completely frameless glass pool fence if you want less maintenance. However, if you decide to go for semi-frameless glass fences, then posts and railings should be included in your regular cleaning schedule.

Semi-frameless glass fences use stainless steel posts and railings. Although the common idea about them is they are resistant to corrosion, the truth is, they do get rust under certain conditions. So, always keep the stainless steels dry, especially in humid areas and houses near the sea or ocean. Use a microfiber cloth or any soft cloth to avoid damaging the posts and railings. More importantly, check for any rust so you can remove it right away.

For posts and railings that are powder coated, consult your vendor about the best cleaning agent to use. This will make sure that you won’t damage the powder coating when cleaning the glass pool fence.

Apply glass protective coating

To give maximum protection to your glass pool fence, you can apply glass coatings every few years to prevent damages from rust and other very small particles. Find a good quality glass coating product to ensure that it will give good protection to your glass pool fence, rather than give it unwanted damage. Again, ask your glass fence vendor before purchasing a product for optimum result.

Remember that the glass pool fence is one of your tools in ensuring the safety of your family. Hence, you need to keep it well-maintained and always in the best condition. Applying this guide on how to clean your glass pool fence will help you do so, and will also make you enjoy the benefits for the longest possible time.

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