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Process of Building a New Pool on the Gold Coast

Check out our latest video showing the process of building an award winning custom concrete pool on the Gold Coast!


Is a new pool on your wish list? The Gold Coast is known for having warmer weather which makes having a backyard pool an excellent choice.

Whether you're building a new pool or re-designing an existing pool, it's important you get your head around the overall pool building process.


Process of Constructing a New Swimming Pool

Enquiry & Proposal

After your first contact with us, a member from our customer service team will guide you through the first stages of selecting a suitable swimming pool. This will prepare you for an appointment with one of our pool building consultants.

A building consultant will meet you at the proposed pool building site in order to:

  • Assess the site and ensure it will be suitable for your desired pool.
  • Discuss any special requirements you may have.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.

The building consultant will then work with our customer service team to prepare you a proposal which includes information about your customised pool design and a quote for the pool design and build. 

Once the proposal is approved, we'll prepare your 'Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia' contract, guide you through the terms & conditions of the contract, and finally get you to sign off.


Pool Building Step 1: Plans & Paperwork

Our engineer will prepare plans for your new pool based on your specifications and the quote for the swimming pool design you've chosen, as well as your selected pool accessories.

These plans are then submitted by us to our own private certifier for local council approval. Once this is accepted, our construction supervisor will be in contact with you to arrange a start date for the pool construction.


Pool Building Step 2: Earthworks & Excavation

On the agreed excavation date, we'll send in the necessary heavy equipment and machinery to perform the excavation for your new pool. 

It is not necessary for you to be on-site for these earthworks, but we highly recommend you get the day off work and be there in case something comes up that requires your input.

Once excavation is completed, the steel reinforcement used in the next step will be delivered to your site.


Pool Building Step 3: Steel Shell & Concrete

Following excavation, the steel fixing contractors come in to sort out the structure and affix the steel shell in the shape of your pool.

The idea behind the steel fixing is to create a criss-cross steel cage around the whole interior of the pool so the concrete can be poured and/or sprayed onto it.

Once this is completed, a Burleigh Pools employee will come on-site to perform the pre-plumbing procedures for the interior of the pool which includes:

  • pool returns;
  • pool suctions;
  • solar provisions;
  • spa;
  • blower lines;
  • water features;
  • electrics etc.


Pool Building Step 4: Coping & Tiling

Your coping and tiles are delivered to your site. One of our expert subcontractors will lay the coping and tiling. 

Depending on the type of coping and/or paving you choose, you may need to seal it after it has been laid.


Pool Building Step 5: Pool Equipment Installation

Your pool filter, chlorinator and other pool equipment will be delivered to your site and installed. The plumber will run all lines from the pool, including the return lines, the suction lines, spa lines, blower lines, water feature lines, and heating lines back to the site of the pump and filter.


Pool Building Step 6: Pebble Interior

Once all pool fencing requirements are completed and approved, the pool interior will be completed.

The pebble is sprayed onto the concrete and then smoothed out. The Pebble or Glass Interior acts as a bladder for the inside of your pool which helps to prevent any leaking. 

The following day, your new pebble interior will be acid washed and the pool will then be filled up with water. It is important that you do not turn the hose off until the water is touching the coping or you will get a tide mark on the pebble.


Pool Building Step 7: Hand Over

If this is your first pool, the handover is very important.

We'll explain to you how to look after your equipment, maintain the chemicals and answer any further questions you may have.



Burleigh Pools were fantastic from start to finish! They have very innovative pool designs and think outside the square when others don’t dare. Couldn’t beat the quality, speed, and efficiency of the pool build either. 100% happy with my stunning Burleigh Pool. Would definitely recommend.

- Sally Ralph rated Burleigh Pools 5 out of 5 Stars on Google.


Build your Pool with Burleigh Pools

Burleigh Pools offers an array of pool designs, including Freeform pools and Lap pools, that can help you achieve your dream pool. Meeting your budget and nailing your preferred style is our utmost priority which is why we have a free consultation to ensure you get the pool you really want.

Contact Burleigh Pools, the trusted custom concrete pool builder on 07 5576 0500 to request a consultation today!

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