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Swimming Pool Construction

Once the swimming pool plans are passed by council, the pool construction process can be as short as four weeks. However this depends on several conditions, including certification of the pool fence, pool landscaping requirements and of course, the weather.

Once the pool fence is certified and the pool filled with water, we’re almost there. Step 9 is the final pool chemical treatment and the formal swimming pool handover, where the operation and maintenance of your pool and equipment is explained.

Step 1: Swimming Pool Layout

Step 1 Swimming Pool Layout image

Step 2: Pool Excavation

Step 2 Pool Excavation image

Step 3: Pool Steel Fixing

Step 3 Pool Steel Fixing image

Step 4: Pool Concrete Spraying

Step 4 Pool Concrete Spraying image

Step 5: Finished Pool Shell

Step 5 Finished Pool Shell image

Step 6: Swimming Pool Filtration

Step 6 Swimming Pool Filtration image

Step 7: Pool Brick Coping

Step 7 Pool Brick Coping image

Step 8A: Pool Interior (Pebble)

Step 8A Pool Interior (Pebble) image

Step 8B: Pool Interior (Tiled)

Step 8B Pool Interior (Tiled) image

Step 9: Swimming Pool Handover

Step 9 Swimming Pool Handover image

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