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Inground Pools Gold Coast

Burleigh Pools: The builders of top-quality inground pools and spas.

Make the most of the beautiful, sunny days the Gold Coast is known for with a cool, refreshing pool at your back door.

All of our swimming pools and spas can be designed to suit any space or site, from large yards to landscaped gardens, or even BBQ and patio areas.

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Inground Pool Styles & Designs

Inground concrete pool

At Burleigh Pools, we have extensive designs for geometric, freeform, lap pools and spas.

You can choose from our existing designs or create a freeform design to match your lifestyle, backyard space and budget.

Browse our gallery of pool designs;


Pool Features & Enhancements

concrete inground pool with water feature

Make your pool area stand out. We have a variety of extra pool features to improve the look, feel and functionality of absolutely any pool.

Ask us about our pool water feature options and a variety of pool steps.


Ready To Build Your Own Inground Pool?

Inground concrete pool and spa

Cool off in the comfort of your own home. The experienced team at Burleigh Pools are the trusted concrete pool builders on the Gold Coast.

Whether you’re on the Gold Coast or the Northern Rivers region of NSW, contact our team for all your swimming pool and spa needs.

Inground Pool Range

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of installing an inground pool?

In-ground pools are attractive and luxurious. Install one, and you’ll add a beautiful water feature, giving yourself an enticing view from your home interior, patio, or deck.

With in-ground pools, you can specify exactly what you want, from shape and tiling to configuration.

Since in-ground pools are customizable, you choose your ideal depth and dimensions. If you have the room and budget, you can even put in a pool deep enough for diving and long enough for lap swimming.

For fun and entertainment value, throw in amenities, like Baja spa steps, a bar, or a waterfall.

Resale Value
In-ground pools add value to homes—now more than ever. Some buyers are even making them a requirement for homes they purchase, especially in areas with warm climates.

In-ground pools usually last for several decades.

What are the advantages of concrete pools over other materials?

Concrete pools are durable and will last for decades if you take care of them properly.

Concrete also offers multiple options when it comes to shape, size, depth and configuration so you can achieve the perfect pool.

Many Gold Coast suburbs contain houses built on sloping blocks. Luckily, the design possibilities with a concrete pool are almost unlimited which is very handy if you have a difficult backyard.  


Is a concrete swimming pool easy to maintain?

Generally speaking, concrete pools are fairly easy to maintain. 

If you want your pool to last a long time, you do need to take care of it. This means scrubbing the walls regularly to remove algae, bacteria and dirt.

You should also be running a pool cleaner to remove dirt and litter from the bottom of the pool. It's also important to maintain the correct pH levels of your pool water.


How long does it take to build an inground pool with concrete?

It usually takes between 6-12 weeks to complete the pool construction process for a concrete swimming pool.

Pool building timelines may vary depending on factors such as:

  • the size of the pool;
  • complexity of the design;
  • ease of access to your yard and;
  • the weather conditions during construction (especially on the Gold Coast).

Timelines will be discussed with you before the start of your pool construction project.


What steps are involved in getting a new Burleigh Pool?

Step 1: Contact us

Once you’ve either browsed our website or visited our display pool and showroom, you can call us on 07 5576 0500 to organise a consultation or fill out the form to the right.

Step 2: Pool Consultation

We’ll arrange an appointment for our pool consultant to meet with you at the proposed pool site. Our experienced consultant will assess the site and talk to you about the style of pool and design features you like, and how we can make this possible.

Step 3: The Pool Quote

Once our pool consultant has met with you at the proposed pool site they’ll prepare a tailor-made design and quote for your swimming pool, consulting with other members of the Burleigh Pools team where necessary.

This quote will include a design based on your requirements and specifications, and an inclusive price for materials, building and construction of your new pool.

Step 4: Signing the Contract

If you’re satisfied with our proposal, we’ll prepare the contract and guide you through the terms and conditions. Our engineer will draw up the plans and submit them for council approval. Once the building approval is authorised we’ll liaise with you on a start date and any other necessary arrangements.

Step 5: Construction

We’ll start construction on your pool as per the design and quote. During construction, our administration and building teams will be available to assist you with any queries.

Step 6: Hand Over

Once the pool is finished and all financials have been completed, a representative from Burleigh Pools will visit you to go through the “handover.”

We’ll take you through the proper use and ongoing care for your new pool, as well as put you in touch with our accredited specialists in pool and spa water maintenance.

They will provide you with all the necessary backup and discounted pool chemicals so you can keep your pool sparkling.


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