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What to Look for in a Spa Pool: Our best tips

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For many people, a spa on your property screams luxury. And it is! But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an affordable and practical addition to your home, whether you are planning to use it to entertain friends or just for yourself after a hard day at work.

Like with any major home upgrade, it’s important to do your research first before plunging into a big project. So how do you choose the best spa pool for your property? We are answering all your questions with our tips below. 

Layout and seating capacity

The right seating capacity and layout will differ from person to person. What may feel right for one family, may not be right for another. The only way to find the best seat configuration and moulding for you is to test the options out.

While the best way is to test a “wet” spa, it’s still possible to get a feel for what it is right even with the spa switched off -- just take your time and imagine using it with family or friends, or better yet, invite them to try it out with you!

Another feature to check, apart from the mould and visible layout, is the footwell size. This is the smaller space underneath the spa where you allow your feet to rest. Often, customers purchase a spa that is advertised as “Seats 5” but tend to forget that around 10 human feet may not fit inside the footwell. You also have to make sure that there is enough space for large feet and long limbs.


This is perhaps the most significant feature in terms of spa operation costs, which is directly proportional to its capacity for heat retention. A well-insulated spa won’t require the use of a heater as much, regardless of the power or kilowatt per hour of the heater unit inside.

Finding the most efficient insulation for your budget is the best strategy to use. Checking the basics like base insulation, cabinet, pipework, and shell are vital. And at the very least, the shell should have closed-cell insulation. You need to note whether the base is a soft material like plastic or canvas, or if it's fibreglass. Cabinet insulation should be foam with reflective material rather than absorbent material to maintain the heat inside the spa.

The hardcover needs a heavy foam cover with a water drainage from its core to maintain its lightness. Also make sure that it is foldable and has a locking mechanism and handles for more convenient removal as well as security.

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Disinfection system

All Australian spas are required to meet disinfection standards and Ozone Purification, which is an efficient and convenient manner of water purification. Nevertheless, high-quality spas usually offer an option for a UV-based disinfection system, which allows water to penetrate through an exclusive “UV-bullet” of light that eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms.

But it should not stop here. Similar to your home swimming pool, you need minuscule amounts of specific chemical substances like lithium hydrochloride. You need to consult with a spa professional like Burleigh Pools regarding the recommended frequencies and doses of application. With spas equipped with UV sanitisation, the chlorine is efficiently destroyed. 

Saltwater in spas is generally corrosive to certain equipment. While it is being promoted as a selling point on a few spas, the procedure utilises salt chemical compounds to come up with the actual chlorine.

Support, service, and warranty

There is comfort in purchasing from an established business that understands their product well and is generally available seven days a week to answer your inquiries and deal with any concerns that you have about the spa pool.

As a general rule, you need to talk to Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) registered members and avoid purchasing spa products online. You might be able to save a few dollars on a cheaper spa pool online, but it might cost you more in the long run in terms of repair or replacement. You should also carefully run through warranty details as well as checking the approach of the spa business, whether they permit you to select what you want and will not pressure you to buy something you don't want. 

You have to understand that you have statutory rights under Australian Consumer Law in all cases. Thus, you need to read the warranty details first and ask questions for clarification.

Water Therapy or Hydrotherapy

The advantages of hydrotherapy are well-documented. But you should ask yourself whether it is a mild spa and heat experience that you are looking for, or do you need an authentic massage on your neck or back areas. This boils down to personal choice and requirements.

You also need to talk to your doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist, though in the end, your decision should be based on your actual needs. If you want the power of a complete, multi-jet massage experience (along with the standard bubbles) you need to be ready to spend a bit of money for more pumps and jets to meet your needs.

The spa also needs to be powerful enough for the effect that you want. For example, a three-pump unit with 120 jets holds a ratio of 40:1, which is less powerful compared to a two-pump unit with 60 jets.

The process of buying a new spa pool should be something that is exciting, comfortable, and fun for you, your family, and friends.

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Build your Spa Pool with Burleigh Pools

The only thing left is to find a professional pool builder that can help create this amazing home amenity. If you are planning to build one in your property on the Gold Coast or in northern NSW, Burleigh Pools is the best builder for your spa pool\. We build all types of pools, including, lap pools, plunge pools and freeform pools

Contact Burleigh Pools today at 07 5576 0500 to get a free consultation and talk to our team of expert builders for your swimming pool needs.

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